My Fellow Legionnaires,

I have been a fan of Tim C. Taylor's work since I accidently stumbled onto him via his electronic publishing house. When I first read his stuff, I knew that this was a world where I could spend hours of time playing and having fun. When I really like a universe, I tend to instinctually make up side stories in it and insert myself into the world as well. When I started reading book one, Marine Cadet, and couldn't stop reading it until I had turned the last electronic page I knew I had found a winner! When I woke up after reading throughout the night and dreamed of myself in Tim's vicious Hab-Disk Training Regimen, I became a fan for life. I bought the next book that day and after reading Indigo Squad, I begin to chat on the forum on Tim's website I realized that his other fans had became my peers. As a young-ish disabled veteran, I'm only 33 but I found a grey hair this morning, I missed the camaraderie of the service and I found some of that chatting with the regulars on his site. I took it a step farther, offering a lot of unsolicited advice and filling up Tim's email with thoughts that couldn't neatly fit into the organizational structure of his Wordpress website. Around this time I volunteered, you think my time in Uncle Sam's Big Green Weenie would've taught me something about this, and ended up having the privilege of beta reading book three, Renegade Legion. I loved doing it, couldn't wait to see what the final polished product looked like, so I pre-ordered it. As all of Tim's fans urged him to find a better website provider, our good friend Hans brought up the idea of creating a WiKi page for the series to help attract readers and let existing fans have a better forum to chat. I took the idea and ran with it, dragging a kicking and screaming Hans over to help. I wrote all of this to have a post that recognizes Hans for all of his help, without his technical prowess this page wouldn't be where it is today!! Hopefully, as time marches on, other fans will join the team and we will have the most thorough WiKi on the web! Until that day, I will continue to tip my hat to Hans!!!

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