Human Legion
The Human Legion
is a range of military science fiction novels by author Tim C. Taylor, with over 50,000 sold so far in 2015. The first book, Marine Cadet, is available now, and has been a #1 military science fiction bestseller in the US, UK and Australia. The second book, Indigo Squad, is also available now, and the third book, Renegade Legion, was published June 6th, 2015, and is available now. The planned release schedule is for the remaining books to be released at 4-month intervals.

In the near future, the people of Earth discover they are not alone in the galaxy. In the midst of invasion and counter-invasion by rival alien factions, the president of the International Federation signs an agreement with an alien race calling themselves the White Knights. With the Vancouver Accord, the White Knights extended their protection over Earth in return for a million children to use as slaves. The first child to be offered up was President Horden’s youngest son.

Some called the White Knights racketeers demanding brutal protection payments, others called them Earth’s saviors.

The children of the Vancouver Accord called them masters.

This is the story of one group of slaves descendants, engineered to fight for their alien masters in the Human Marine Corps.

About the events that shaped the marines until they dared to be more than someone else’s soldier slaves.

And became the Human Legion.