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  • Night Hummer- A floating bulbous alien that is believed to have the ability to foretell the future.
  • Muryani- A quadruped species that is engaged in a long standing border war with the White Knights. They have flat heads that are shaped like a shovel.
  • Jotun- These aliens serve as the White Knights as the officer corps of the Human Marine Corps. They have six limbs, shaggy fur and a huge head with a prominent ridge running from the front to the back and very scary fangs. They are known to love the showy decorations and pageantry that military life affords. They also have twelve rubbery suction tipped tubes that passed for their default hand configuration, which are capable of becoming three inch claws. Further, these claws release some sort of toxin or infection into the body of their prey. Their breath is also foul, often smelling of burned sugar.