Amilx Edit

An as yet unknown political entity, composed of humans serving human interests, which were attacked by the Beowulf and Themistocles.  It is believed that the fighting forces of the Amilx are filled with vintage Marines from Umarov’s era.

Cienju Edit

A race of aliens at odds with the White Knights.  In fact, it is believed by some that the White Knights only took on humanity as clients was so that it could piss off these Cienju.  Not much more is known about these aliens, though if humanity desires to ultimately earn its freedom they must expand their knowledge of other sentient species.  It is believed that these are lizard aliens which had taken control of Earth, with the intention of enslaving humanity and draining the Sol Solar System of all of its natural resources, just prior to the Vancouver Accords.

Free Corps Edit

A group of Jotun and Human Marines that broke off from the existing White Knight structure to change the political order.  It is possible that they are just one side in civil war being waged within the White Knight entity, though little is known and much is inferred regarding the status quo among the White Knight political entity and the role of the Free Corps within it.  What is more likely is that, much like Fraser McEwan, they simply wanted humanity and the Jotun to have a greater seat at the table.  Those Free Corps Mutineers who remained on Tranquility to fight successfully defeated their Loyalist opponents, but were ultimately withdrawn from Tranquility by their commander, leaving their Hardit allies to mop up resistance.  This ultimately handed the Hardits the planet and the solar system, though the Free Corps leaders were too oblivious to realize they had been tricked and that the Hardits had never been their allies.  It is unknown if this mutiny was spread farther than the Tranquility System, other than those who left the Tranquility System under General Banba.  When they left Tranquility, all that remained were a few scattered Loyalist Marines and the many thousands of Aux Slaves.  To distinguish themselves from the Human Marine Corps, these troops adopted distinctive red uniforms.

Great Council Edit

The political head of the Hardits in the Tranquility System, until being displaced by the New Order.  Prior to the creation of the New Order this entity had been severely purged until only the loyal remained, but this weakened there power, allowing Tawfiq to execute them and take their place.

High Council Edit

See also Great Council.

Human Legion Edit

A group of Humans that broke away from the White Knights during their civil war and started a Human Military entity, which some view as a suicidal attempt at human autonomy.  This group is led by Marine Major Arun McEwan and his council of friends and advisors.  To differentiate themselves from their forefathers they adopted a black uniform.  The original position of the Human Legion was neutrality, so they had to choose colors worn by neither of the sides in the White Knight Civil War.  The order from Major McEwan which choose black as the official color believed they would ultimately design distinctive uniforms when time permitted, but down the line they choose to keep the original color.  The only original distinctive part of the uniform was that the Marines had bronze facings and the Navy had silver, but this would change over time.  As the Legion crew, so too would the need for unit and rank insignia.  Ultimately it is presumed that the Human Legion will form its own empire, leaving its previous goal of neutrality as a footnote in its history.

Human Marine Corps Edit

A group of humans sold to the White Knights to be trained as elite warriors, fighting for them.  This decision was made at the Vancouver Accords, and saved Earth and humanity from imminent destruction.  Like their White Knight overlords, the Human Marine Corps wore uniforms of white and cream.

Human Resistance Edit

A group which consisted of 50 survivors of the battles with the Free Corps Mutineers and later the Hardits and was led by Spartika.  They operated out of the shattered hulk of Detroit City and harassed the Hardits as much as they could.  They further sought to free humans currently captured by the Hardits and made hit-and-run raids on vulnerable targets.  They are also alternately referred to as The Resistance or just Resistance.  When they first encounter the Human Legion the Resistance fighters are a disorganized and disheartened mess and it is clear to the Human Legion Commander that they need new and more efficient leadership.  Spartika was able to hold them together and struggle in the fight to survive, but she proved incapable of leading them in an effort to thrive and lacked a larger vision of what could be.

Loyalists Edit

The group of Human, Jotun and Trog soldiers who resisted the Free Corps and remained loyal to the old order and resisted any call for change.  These brave souls were ultimately wiped out by the combined might of the Hardits and the Free Corps Mutineers.  Like their White Knight overlords, the Human Marine Corps wore uniforms of white and cream.

Muryani Accord Edit

A political entity at war with the White Nights.

New Order Edit

A Hardit movement, led by Tawfiq Woomer-Calix, that seeks an independent Hardit empire that stands alone without requiring other species to exist.  Given the Hardit xenophobia, this isolation is essential towards their mental stability.  This entity strives to eliminate the sexes and clans so that they can be “One world, one people, one scent.”  In order to accomplish that, they must remove each Hardits individual sexual organs and replace their pheromone emitters.  Given there extremely sexual natures and the animosity which exists between the sexes outside of mating season, the New Order is essentially seeking to overcome their biological nature.  This does, however, lend one to question how the will reproduce their species for posterities sake.  Luckily this didn’t seem to be a concern as the Hardit army marched off to the thundering chant of Strength through victory, victory through strength.  The secret to their unity, however, required the artificially created scents given to them by their Supreme Commander Tawfiq as they had their own scent glands removed.  The soldiers of the New Order wear uniformed fatigues that had a dull silver color that lent to a more professional appearance.  Their uniform projected an oval disk over their heads, they were organized into squads and the sleeves of the unit commanders were covered with colored lightning bolts.  Further, they marched in parade ground precision under fire, an impressive feat of discipline, but an idiotic combat tactic.   Also, unlike their militia brethren, these troops were properly armed and capable of a combined arms assault on enemy positions.

Trans-Species Union Edit

A political entity that divides up the known universe, and one of the major species in this union are the White Knights.

White Knights Edit

A intergalactic political group which enslaved humanity during the Vancouver Accords and created the Human Marines.  They are known to love the simplicity of low maintenance solutions to problems.  They also have an obsession with mutation, evolution and change, resulting in endless civil wars.