Barley Edit

One of the many plants grown at the Alabama Depot in Tranquility, this one with an Earth based origin. This crop was also illicitly used by the Agri-Aux to ferment a crude beer to make their days more bearable.

Gloigas Edit

A tall twisting tree crowned with purple leaves that lives on Tranquility. It has a dark brown bark which make the purple leaves appear even more vibrant.

Sagaria Tree Edit

One of the many trees which grow on Tranquility, though they tend to produce purple leaves instead of the green which is predominant on Earth. This tree is one of the titans of the forest, it has a standard trunk which is so wide you could hallow it out and fit an infantry squad inside. When the tree reaches approximately 20 meters (65 feet 7.4 inches) off the ground it begins to grow various branches that are as thick as the average Marine and then don’t being to thin out until close to the top of the tree. This tree also produces a nut, though whether or not it can be eaten or not is unclear.

Tarngrip Edit

A carnivorous plant with a ‘lurid’ green root system that is apparently nutritious, which snakes throughout the undergrowth. It is dangerous and attempt to capture slow moving limbs and crush the life out of them using hydraulic pressure. It was far too slow to capture a human, unless said human was incapacitated or asleep. This plant was native to the Hardit home world and was on the Universal Food List. While this planet originated on Iradis 3, it is capable of existing on a wide variety of planets, to include Tranquility.