A floating bulbous alien that is believed to have the ability to foretell the future.  They require specialized living conditions, and when away from their home world they are often found floating in tanks of churning yellow liquid.  They appear, to the human eye, as bloated gas-sacs but for all we know this could be a result of their residence in such an unnatural environment for them.  They appear as a blob, colored blue-black and were about 8 feet tall and 3 feet wide and are encased in a rough sphere of orange liquid which fizzles and bubbles.  The orange fluid appears to keep its shape through surface tension alone and the top of the central blob were tubes that connected with the orange liquid which were pumping out ribbons of silver fluid.  A similar tubular set up at its ‘feet’ sucked up darkened streamers back into the body.  During the Beta City Retrieval Raid we learn that they can take over a human body and use it as a conduit for communication with other humans, though we never learn what the required distance from the Night Hummer to the voice receptacle is.