Akinschet Edit

A mining system.

Alabama Depot Edit

This Agri-Aux field is officially known as Agri-Facility 21 and is about 17 kicks away from Detroit City on the planet of Tranquility.

Antilles Moon Edit

A moon in the Tranquility System that once had an ore launching system to sling all mined ore towards the White Knight stations.

Baylshore Orbital Elevator Edit

An orbital elevator on Tranquility, which connects it to Baylshore continental assets to space, limiting the need for interplanetary vehicular insertions.

Beta City Edit

A Marine base on Tranquility that was lost to Hardit members of the rebellion. It is a twin city to Detroit, but on the other side of the planet. It is located on the Continent of Serendine and is also equipped with an orbital elevator. This base also serves as a training depot for Human Marines, though it is rumored that their officers are even stricter than those from Detroit. The Marine rumor mill also has it that a space-rat squadron is based here, though it has never been confirmed. It has been confirmed that the base does house three Marine Tactical Assault Regiments and one regiment of Marine Engineers. During the Free Corps Mutiny this base went ominously quiet and its exact disposition isn’t known. Under the influence of the mind-altering drugs the Human Marines hadn’t blinked at the bloodletting of the Loyalist Marines officers and NCO’s. These Marines then went on to unquestioningly ride the orbital elevator into space, go into stealth and attack the various orbital defense platforms in mass. While many Cadets in Detroit where instantly deemed as full Marines, it is unknown if Beta City did the same thing. It is possible that the Marine Cadets and Marine Novices could be protected within their various habdisks awaiting further orders from higher authority. Further, the Hardit and Human Free Corps Mutineers lured any unit which wouldn’t follow the Free Corps units into their habdisks and locked them in. It is presumed that since the Free Corps/Hardit hacked into the base, allowing them to control Beta City, they must have sabotaged the habdisks to become airless and waterless death traps. This is pure speculation though, as nothing about the current status of Beta City has been confirmed. The city sits on a wooded island in the middle of Lake Sarpedona on the Continent of Serendine. Without any natural predators, the island houses a large bird population that survived by feeding off the fish that lived in Lake Sarpedona. Some of the birds, like the guinshrikes that lived in the mountains that surrounded the lake, feed off the other birds and the local fish population. All of these local wildlife died, however, when the Human Legion set off a tactical gamma bomb. After the bombardment from the Antilles Moon Mass Driver, the interior water tight capacity of Beta City is weakened and the city begins to flood, losing all water tight integrity. Further, after taking a direct strike from the projectile that Antilles launched at Beta City, the bases shock absorbers are too damaged to shield the city from the consequences of the hit from orbit. The clouds of dust and soot that were raised would quickly kill off any animals that the gamma bomb didn’t.

Detroit Edit

A Marine base on Tranquility, in the valley of the Gjende Mountains, that houses three Marine Tactical Regiments and one Marine Assault Regiment, 60 full strength training battalions, plus untold numbers of cryogenically frozen Marines during the period of Marine Cadet (Book 1). There has been some speculation that as many as four million officially recognized Marines are frozen at Detroit City await the thaw order to join the fight against the enemies of the White Knights, though the true number is so shrouded in secrecy that it might as well be unknowable. Further, this doesn’t include however many were secretly stored by Pedro and his Trog brethren under the advice of the Night Hummers. During the First Hardit uprising (see Indigo Squad, Book 2) this base was barely held by the Human Marine Corps during the uprising of the Hardits. It sits in the shadows of the Gjende Mountain Ranges, which serve as rich training grounds for the Marine Cadets and was formerly known as Alpha City before the recent experiment by the Jotun of exposing the humans to their earth bound heritage. Before it was named Alpha City, it was known as Marine Farm #3. This leads one to presume that another city existed somewhere on Tranquility than just Detroit and Beta City. In the opening days of the First Tranquility Campaign the Renegade Legion (Book 3) returns to Detroit City to find the topside of it a wreck, filled with numerous rubble filled craters and pockmarked with the results of First Battle for Detroit City. This base was commanded by General Cabrakan, a Jotun officer, who ordered thousands of Marines thawed in response to the Free Corps Mutiny. The main hangar bay for Detroit City was approximately 3 klicks from the main base and exited out behind a naturally occurring waterfall that served to hide the entrance point. This hangar bay was used as the main operations center by the Human Resistance fighters.

Equatorial Orbital Defense Platforms Edit

Shaped like a ring, these can be seen as flashes of light when riding the orbital elevators to space. They are ‘floating’ defense platforms that circle the equator of a planet.

Human Resistance Patrol Base Edit

A base of operations used by the Resistance fighters to facilitate their guerilla operations against the Hardits on Tranquility. This base, which has an unknown numeric designation linking it to any subsequent patrol bases, is in the vicinity of Detroit City on Tranquility. It consisted of a small block house that sat in a natural clearing in the woods, however, this blockhouse descended several stories underground offering more space than it originally appeared. This utilization of the helix was extremely common throughout the White Knight Empire, and allowed for predictability as each building of the same size and function would be laid out in exactly the same manner.

Jotunville Edit

A city on Tranquility, that is just outside of Detroit, where the Jotun officers live and work. It is a vast complex of palaces topped with soaring spires that are connected with glass walk ways which are often extremely high off the ground. The transparent nature of their construction materials, and the location in the Gjende Mountain Valley, lend an aura of gloom and doom to the city and were it not for the tactical implications of the location one might conclude that the menacing nature of the city was its sole consideration. In the opening days of the First Tranquility Campaign the Renegade Legion (Book 3) returns to find Jotunville a wreck, filled with numerous rubble filled craters and pockmarked with the results of the First Battle for Detroit City. The only remnant of what was once the home of the Jotun officer corps was the walkway that once linked two palaces and caused vertigo in many a Human Marine.

Kuiper Belt Edit

A ring of ‘dirty snowballs’, also known as ice, floating on the outer edge of the Tranquility solar system.

Labor Camp 3 Edit

A hidden New Order Hardit prison camp under the overall command of Tawfiq Woomer-Calix where they house captured humans on Tranquility. This camp is 420 klicks (261 miles) away from the Human Resistance Patrol Base. (See also Battle for Labor Camp 3)

Lake Sarpedona Edit

A lake located on the Continent of Serendine that surrounds the island fort known as Beta City. This lake sits on a natural caldera, the collapsed fossil of a long dead volcano. The mountainous lip around the caldera had been partially eroded along its circumference, except for a section on the western shore which had been entirely broken from a long distant kinetic strike on the planet.

Rendezvous Point BetaEdit

The fallback location for those Marines and refugees who survived the Battle for Labor Camp 3. The Human Legion Marines of Force Patagonia were forced to proceed from Labor Camp 3 towards this point at the greatest possible speed as they were being pursued by a larger force of Hardit Militia and New Order Janissaries. Half of the rescued slaves from Labor Camp 3 hadn’t made it to the rendezvous point, though it is unclear as to how many tried and how many died waiting in their slave pens. The exact location of this rendezvous point was unknown, as detailed maps of Tranquility were classified and sealed, but it was definitely a wooded area since most frequently used trails are designed to protect their users from the harsh sun, making foliage overhead a desirable trait.

Rest Stop 1 Edit

This is the site of one of the major battles of the First Tranquility Campaign, where approximately 17 exhausted Human Legion Marines and an unknown number of refugees fought off 3,000 Hardit militia, who were supported by an unknown number of Hardit Janissaries, from their superior entrenched positions. This battle occurred with the Human Legion and its support refugees controlling the high ground on a small hillside near a stream, which provided a water source for the exhausted humans. The approximately 3,000 Hardit Militia assaulting the entrenched Human Legionnaires had to cross an open field, while walked into interlocking fields of fire. The Human Legion defended this hill with several interlocking defensive perimeters, or circles, with several contracting circular trench systems operating as fall back positions. This strategy of defense in depth, however, couldn’t work for long against such overwhelming numbers and the initial positions are quickly abandoned. After multiple assaults the Hardit strategy of attrition began to show itself for its brutal effectiveness and the Human Legion were almost done but Lieutenant Xin Lee appeared in the nick of time and saved the day. (See also Battle of Rest Stop 1)

Trollstigen Pass Edit

A mountain pass through the Gjende Mountains, connecting Detroit City with the Alabama Depot on the surface of Tranquility.

Serendine Orbital Elevator Edit

An orbital elevator on Tranquility, which connects it to Baylshore continental assets to space, limiting the need for interplanetary vehicular insertions.

A Map of Tranquility-4Edit


Ancient map of Tranquility-4 with English labels added. Tap of click for a closer look.