These lethally capricious hexapod aliens serve as the White Knights as the officer corps of the Human Marine Corps.  They have six limbs, shaggy fur and a huge head with a prominent ridge running from the front to the back and very scary fangs.  They are known to love the showy decorations and pageantry that military life affords.  They also have twelve rubbery suction tipped tubes that passed for their default hand configuration, which are capable of becoming three inch claws that are as serrated and as effective as any combat knives used by the troops they commanded.  Further, these claws release some sort of toxin or infection into the body of their prey and can be used to decapitate a human with a precision that inspires fear in the Human Marines.  Their breath is also foul, often smelling of burned sugar.  It is believed that they have a phobia of the underground, though this has never been proven.  Some believe that the only way to move a Jotun underground is to first render them unconscious.  This myth was later disproven by their collective actions during the disastrous Free Corps Mutiny.  It is speculated that they must have drugged themselves or fabricated their aversion, though to what purpose such a lie would serve is unclear.  Most Jotun believe that speaking the Human tongue is such a base and vile thing that they will only communicate through a voice box.  Those that do speak the human language reportedly sound like they swallowed a box of razor blades.