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  • Porkchop NCR

    Poor Arun. After running for his life for much of Indigo Squad, Arun has it even harder in the new Human Legion book, Renegade Legion. Fighting for freedom is hard, but winning freedom is far more difficult, as Arun and his comrades are about to find out.

    The Human Legion Book3: Renegade Legion is published today in Kindle eBook and in paperback. Click here for the eBook and here for the paperback.

    If you enjoy this book, or one of the earlier ones, then do please leave a good review on Amazon or Goodreads. It does make a big difference to my ability to earn a living writing books. My sincere thanks to everyone who has left a review so far. Even if you thought the book stinks and told me so, I still appreciate you taking the time to read my…

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  • Porkchop NCR

    My Fellow Legionnaires,

    I have been a fan of Tim C. Taylor's work since I accidently stumbled onto him via his electronic publishing house. When I first read his stuff, I knew that this was a world where I could spend hours of time playing and having fun. When I really like a universe, I tend to instinctually make up side stories in it and insert myself into the world as well. When I started reading book one, Marine Cadet, and couldn't stop reading it until I had turned the last electronic page I knew I had found a winner! When I woke up after reading throughout the night and dreamed of myself in Tim's vicious Hab-Disk Training Regimen, I became a fan for life. I bought the next book that day and after reading Indigo Squad, I begin to ch…

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