Ginquin Edit

A quadrupedal animal, similar to a wolf from Earth, this predatory creature occupied the same evolutionary niche that terrian wolves did. To anyone who was remotely aware of the environment around them, this animal would be immediately identifiable by its cry alone, but often unwary Hardits seemed to miss the telltale sound. The ginquin wasn’t just similar in shape and form to a wolf, it also looked exactly like one with the exception of its feathery sensory organ which stretched from ear to ear and the fact that it had a barnacle-like symbiont which lived on its skin. This symbiont provided a hard, abrasive armor in exchange for a steady supply of nutrients from the ginquins blood. When standing on all fours, the adult ginquin would be about thigh height on the average Marine. However, given that steadily increasing stature of the Human Marines, this could vary substantially with a Marine of Umarovs vintage finding the animal to instead be about belly height. It is fun to speculate whether or not a Marine from an era whose height topped out at 5’10” might not be able to saddle up and ride the fearsome beast. While this image is probably a comical parody of the exact heights, a ginquin would definitely be a great war-hound for a sentient species brave enough to try. The average ginquin would be covered in a red and brown pattern, but this would vary because it was covered in other living beings. These are extremely smart and intuitive animals, apex predators that rose to that position by being better than its peers in the local food chain.

Guinshrike Edit

An aviary animal that is from the planet Tranquility. It is a saber-fanged monster of the skies with a wingspan of over a meter long. It has strong taloned feet, and like the birds of Earth, this creature nests in the trees. This non-sentient animal is considered to be one of nature’s greatest killers. This masterpiece of aviary combat expends so much energy when it swoops in for the kill that it has no reserve energy to try again, so every hunting endeavor is a life or death situation.