Main charactersEdit

Ammrithk Edit

A Hardit Lord of the High Council who was a member of the Great Council, he was the only council person to not instantly grovel to Tawfiq Woomer-Calix, the new Supreme Commander.  Ultimately he grovels too, though to no avail as the entire High Council is executed under the orders of the New Order.

Aurgelmir Edit

A Jotun Lieutenant Colonel who, after the mutiny, commanded the Marine Battalion carried in the Beowulf’s cargo hold during Indigo Squad (Book 2).

Balor Edit

A female Jotun lieutenant assigned to assault the Amilx ship with the 88th Battalion, 412th TAC, ‘C’ Company, Indigo Squad.  She was killed assaulting the ship before the humans Amilx troops surrendered to the Human Marine Corps.  She was shot in the back by her own troops, under orders from some traitorous faction while assaulting the Amilx vessel.  We first meet this officer during Indigo Squad (Book 2).

Banba Edit

The Jotun General who commanded the Free Corps Mutineers in the fight against their Loyalist brethren.  After she successfully defeats the Loyalists, she orders her Free Corps units, both Jotun and Humans, to withdrawal and let the Hardits mop up the remnants left fighting on Tranquility.  She then took her fleet of ships and left the system and scuttled any craft which couldn’t make the interstellar voyage.

Benner Calix-11 Edit

A female Hardit commander who served as the New Order security head under the approval of Supreme Commander Tawfiq.  She was known to be hard minded and difficult to cow, which made her popular among other Hardits.  She had a martial bearing, which was visually helped along by the part of her left ear which had been half bitten off years ago in a fight.  Sadly, the traits that made her such an asset to her commander also made her a threat and so her death warrant was already metaphorically written for after the upcoming battle.  She is ultimately demoted by Tawfiq, from Commander-11 to Commander-9, for the slow manner with which she executed her orders.  Ultimately she was killed by Marine Springer Tremayne during the Battle of Labor Camp 3.

Biljah Hilleskill-Khull Edit

A female Hardit assigned as the top overseer for Aux Team Beta during Arun’s time assigned to his Aux punishment during Marine Cadet (Book 1).

Cabrakan Edit

The Jotun General in charge of Detroit Base prior to the Free Corps Mutiny.  During the mutiny he ordered the emergency thawing of thousands of Marines to assist in the fight, which served to limit the assets available to the Human Legion later on.  When the uprising continued to grow, and a stalemate was initially reached, his regimental commanders seized and killed him and his staff.

Cadenqee Canola-Pututuizo Edit

He is a Hardit and was the base commander of the Hardit assets on the Antilles Moon who launched the kinetic attack on Beta City with the weaponized Mass Driver.  We first meet him during the chaos of the First Tranquility Campaign in the Renegade Legion (Book 3).  When he meets Arun after Antilles is captured we learn that the term Human has become synonymous with oppressed and in that vein he asks for the lives of his people to be spared, offering to work for the Human Legion instead.  It is also discovered that the males who worked the mine on Antilles were of the second class and so barely above humans in the pecking order.  He ends up being executed, though it was a sad moment because they had skills critically needed by the Human Legion.

Damastold Seorsan-Pututuizo Edit

He was a Hardit worker who was assigned to the Antilles Moon, in the Tranquility System with the misfortune of telling his boss that the missiles will hit the ship.  Luckily for him, his boss didn’t kill him for bearing bad news, though the Human Legion ultimately did.

Ethniu Edit

A Jotun Lieutenant Commander who becomes the new Beowulf Executive Officer (XO) after the successful mutiny.  We first meet this officer during Indigo Squad (Book 2).

Flayer Edit

A Jotun captain, who runs the Beowulf, but was manipulated into ‘eliminating’ the threat caused by the traitorous conspirators.  Sadly, the captain ultimately eliminated her allies.  After the successful mutiny lead by the Beowulf XO, Flayer is not seen again.  We first meet this officer during Indigo Squad (Book 2).

Geror Edit

A female Jotun ensign assigned to assault the Amilx ship with the 88th Battalion, 412th TAC, ‘C’ Company, Indigo Squad.  She was killed assaulting the ship before the humans Amilx troops surrendered to the Human Marine Corps.  She was shot in the back by her own troops, under orders from some traitorous faction while assaulting the Amilx vessel.  We first meet this officer during Indigo Squad (Book 2).

Hen Beddes-Stolarz Edit

One of the many Hardit overseers charged with managing the Aux Slaves, she once supervised Arun, Springer and Madge while they served their time as temporary Aux.  She so resents her association with humans, who are beneath her, that she works extra hard to be deliberately lazy, thus avoiding work.

Kernisegg Edit

A Jotun Lieutenant Commander and the post-mutiny Executive Officer (XO) of the Themistocles.  This officer is presumed to have died when the Beowulf destroyed the Themistocles.  We first meet this officer during Indigo Squad (Book 2).

Krimkrak Edit

A Jotun Ensign assigned to the 88th Battalion, 412th TAC, ‘C’ Company.  He publicly ridicules Arun McEwan for taking initiative and making command decisions while his compatriots were suffering under the effects of the combat drugs aboard the Amilx vessel.  During this public punishment he secretly inserts a communications device and a wetware AI into Arun McEwan’s blood.  He appears to be fighting against the conspiracy going on aboard the Beowulf and seeks to stop it.  Ultimately he is killed by Sergeant Fraser McEwan, forcing Arun McEwan to recognize his brother for the traitor that he is.  We first meet this officer during Indigo Squad (Book 2).

Little Scar Edit

A Jotun Colonel assigned as the commander of the 88th Battalion, 412th TAC (Tactical Marine Regiment).  We first meet this officer during Marine Cadet (Book 1) where he is serving as Marine Cadet Arun McEwan’s senior most commanding officer.  He has shaggy white fur that is peppered with grey that jounced as he moved around.  He was a no nonsense type of Jotun, but like the Night Hummers he believed that Arun might be special in some way, thus worth giving a chance he might not have given other Marines under his command.  He is presumed to have died in Indigo Squad (Book 2) during the Free Corps Mutiny that destroyed many of the military assets in the Tranquility System, though this has not been confirmed.  We later learn from the survivors of the Free Corps Mutiny on Tranquility that Colonel Little Scar was appointed the Commander-In-Chief after General Cabrakan was executed for his failure and the stain upon the Jotun honor which came with it.  During his command he arrested and or executed anyone seen to exhibit insufficient loyalty, further weakening his unit strength.  He then organized gangs to bring in food supplies and reorganized the defenses.  Colonel Little Scar also secretly sent out loyalist Marines to hide and establish outposts outside of Detroit, where they had orders to operate as an organized guerilla force against any force besieging the base.  One of those guerilla groups ultimately became the core of what became The Resistance.  While he was secreting out Marines, his Jotun Free Corps opponents were sneaking out of the city and into space.  From there a virus that was only harmful to Jotun was released, killing them all.  Sadly, a pre-planned sabotage to their battle armor was implanted by the Hardits, leaving them vulnerable for the day they would rise up against the White Knights, the Jotun and their Human Marine Corps.

Lozwegg-3 Edit

A Hardit Commander 3rd Grade who was charged with leading the Janissary army against the Human Legion in the fight for Labor Camp 3 during the First Tranquility Campaign seen in the Renegade Legion (Book 3).

Menglod Edit

A Jotun Supreme Command…

Mhabli Edit

A Jotun captain, who is leading the rebellion aboard the Beowulf.  He is also the commander of the 88th Battalion, 412th TAC, ‘C’ Company.  We first meet this officer during Indigo Squad (Book 2).

Pedro Edit

A 300 plus pound alien insectoid, or Trog, from the Tranquility System who befriends Arun McEwan.  His race is called ‘Troggie’ by the Marines, and they are a hive minded insectoid creature who dig the various tunnels underneath the Marine bases on Tranquility.  When we meet him in Marine Cadet (Book 1) he is a scribe class Trog.  He has a naturally inquisitive nature, is curious about the humans use of gender and the role of sexual relations between the genders.  He points out during his initial encounter with Arun that his “mating prong” has activated and queries whether or not Arun wants to “engage him in a sexual encounter.”  He is known to rise onto all six of his legs and skitter around to burn off excess energy when he gets excited, though whether this is a universal Trog characteristic or unique to Pedro is unknown.  This movement is particularly entertaining to watch, given that Pedro weighs at least 300 pounds.  Given that the Trog do not name themselves like other alien species do, the moniker “Pedro” is given to him by Arun and is worn with pride by Pedro.  Because of his loyalty to Arun and their unique friendship, Pedro fills in for Arun in the Scendence tournament while Arun is serving his time as a temporary Aux.  After the Battle of the Antilles Moon we meet Pedro again, though this time he has gone through some changes.  He appears to have left the Scribe part of his life cycle, given his new distinctively disgusting look and is acting the commander of the Antilles Moon Base, along with the new rank of Captain of Marines and as the Governor of Antilles and Great Parent of the Antilles Nest.  We presume that he started an independent Trog colony on Antilles, though this was never specifically stated.  When Arun sees him again on Antilles he is much larger, in fact Arun describes his once gleaming carapace as a “barrel of blisters.”  He has dead skin, or chitin, trailing after him as he walks.  Further, the once gleaming jewels of his eyes are now milky and red lined.  Once Pedro fully assumes command, in an effort to make his new Marine unit feel at home, he had pheromone emitters placed in the roof on Antilles and to improve morale.  These scents transported the Marines, at least mentally, to a ‘ripe topside fields in golden sunshine.’  He then tells his human warriors that they have been re-designated as the 1st Antilles Brigade.  He then offers Arun the chance to choose which squad from Tranquility will reinforce Antilles, in a blatant attempt to force Arun to proceed things with Xin Lee but is thwarted by Arun’s requesting of Bolt Squad of Baker Company.  In an attempt to get his plans back on track he has Xin Lee transferred to the ‘Bolters,’ as they are often called.  In the end, Pedro ends up to keeping Arun seen as an outcast and a screw up.  I believe we call this the theory of unintended consequences.  When he calls Arun in for an audience to discuss his efforts with Xin Lee, his transformation seems to be complete and his skin has taken on a molted grey color with ridges running along his body like hoops around an ancient wooden barrel.  His legs had atrophied, though they were still attached to his body.  He still had a covering of downy hairs, though they had grown surprisingly stiff and cracked like old plastic.  After his meeting with Arun, what was supposed to be their last one, he surprises Arun by swimming through the soil rather than walking away.  Maybe there was something to all those cadet rumors after all?  When we queried the local xenobiologists on Tranquility, we learned that the Trogs can issue a secretion that makes specially pre-treated compacted soil flow like hot playdough, and then harden after a minute or so. The resultant motion is like swimming. They use this to move between permanent tunnels in an emergency or to outflank enemies attacking the nest (or escape).  Trog nests are crisscrossed with these secret ways. If they were all replaced by permanent tunnels, not only would the secrecy be compromised but the nest would collapse.  When he again reappears to Arun McEwan he had grown grotesquely fat, a caricature of who he had been.  His legs had atrophied, but he still kept the three-segmented structure akin to a head, a thorax and an abdomen.  However, with the recent change there was no sign of the carapace over his thorax.  He was also had six red markings on the underside of thorax that strangely complimented his shrunken abdomen, which had shrunken into a stub resembling a human navel.  Further, his head had slid down the front of thorax so it was slightly above ground level, just high enough for his mechanical voice box to hang around his neck.  Finally, his feelers felt as if they had a throbbing pulse within them when Arun touched them which was a new development.  These changes were a direct result of his having transformed into the role of Great Grandparent, since he was pregnant with the makings of a whole new Trog Nest.  In addition to passing on this news to Arun, he tells him that the Night Hummers had given the Human Legion its new slogan, “Freedom can be won.”

Purge Edit

A female Jotun Ensign, assigned to the Beowulf as the Chief Security Officer, who also works with Frasier McEwan.  She is a part of the conspiracy aboard the Beowulf and is the ships Human Security Officer.  Might be a human officer, but is likely Jotun.  We first meet this officer during Indigo Squad (Book 2).

Reserve-Captain Edit

A female Jotun officer who is in charge of the specially augmented sailors aboard the Beowulf.  She is extremely old, hunched over her hover chair, and her fur is splotched with white patches.  At first she doesn’t seem to believe Arun and Indiya when they report the mutiny plot to her, but it is simply more subterfuge.  We first meet this officer during Indigo Squad (Book 2).  Ultimately with her blessing, Arun gains the mantle of authority needed to take charge.  Without this cloak of approval, the Human Legion might never have been born.  After the failed effort to regain Tranquility from the Hardits in the Renegade Legion (Book 3), the Human Legion regroups onboard the Beowulf.  At the later Conference of Truth, an effort to clear the air so all of the leadership were on the same page, she reveals a brutal truth.  The three leaders of the Human Legion movement were each chosen for their unique talents.  Xin Lee was picked to be the aspect of charisma, the natural leader who inspires countless others to follow her.  Indiya was picked to be the warrior, strategist and tactician because of her resolute and ruthless nature.  For Arun, however, is the cruelest of all the roles, that of the decision maker.  While history would admire Xin Lee and Indiya, they would blame Arun for all of the mistakes along the way.

Rheenisowill Edit

A Jotun Captain, and the post-mutiny Commanding Officer (CO) of the Themistocles. This officer is presumed to have died when the Beowulf destroyed the Themistocles. We first meet this officer during Indigo Squad (Book 2).

Sushantat Feriek-Khull Edit

A female Hardit assigned as the number two overseer for Aux Team Beta during Arun’s time assigned to his Aux punishment during Marine Cadet (Book 1).  She resents Biljah, her superior, for not doing any of the actual work.

Tawfiq Woomer-Calix Edit

When we first meet Tawfiq she is one of the Hardits assigned to oversee the human Aux Slaves.  This is viewed by the Hardits as a punishment, which leads Pedro to speculate that she must have been a criminal.  Tawfiq is known to be excessively cruel, and enjoys flaunting her power over the Aux Slaves she oversees.  She first meets Arun when it is discovered that she is abusing Hortez, the Marine who was kicked out of the military for his failure to successfully command during the attacks in the Trog Tunnels.  In an effort to force her to treat the Aux personnel humanly Arun Madge and Springer corner her and stun her with flash bang grenades, taking advantage of her species weakness to bright lights.  Her role in the gun running plot ultimately leads her to allowing the Aux slaves to trick her into facilitating Operation Clubhouse.  Afterwards it is clear that Arun will be her sworn enemy for life.  Her hatred ultimately leads her to help create the New Order and propels her to the role of Supreme Commander.  She has ambitions of an empire greater than simply controlling Tranquility and seeks to become the head of a free and independent Hardit empire.  Ironically, she was inspired to act as she did by studying the history of several historic human empires of Earth.  If her compatriots of the New Order ever found out about this it would definitely mean trouble for her legitimacy.  In her efforts to gain the power she seeks she sets out to exterminate all of the other sentient species on Tranquility and then seeks expand outside the Tranquility System.

Thunderclaws Edit

A Jotun Marine ensign who, along with Task Force Alpha, relieve Arun and the beleaguered cadets in the Antilles Moon compound in Marine Cadet (Book 1).  As the battle is waning down he dies protecting Arun McEwan and Springer from the blast from a ‘dumb’ Hardit rocket.

Wotun Edit

A male Jotun Lieutenant Commander, and Fraser McEwan’s boss, that actively views Arun as a threat that should be eliminated.  He or she is the Executive Officer (XO) of the Beowulf and after the successful mutiny promotes his/herself to the rank of Captain and Commander of the Beowulf.  We first meet this officer during Indigo Squad (Book 2).

Zwiline Calix-14 Edit

A female Hardit Commander under the New Order, who was one of Tawfiq’s senior staff officers.