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Porkchop NCR
• 6/7/2015

Well done Tim!!!

Let's All Give a Round of Applause to Tim!!!! It is official, book 3 has officially launched!! And so it begins,....

"Tim, when will book 4 be out?"

I believe that this is the literati's version of "Are we there yet Daddy?"

Renegade Legion out soon

Book 3 Out Now!

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Porkchop NCR
• 6/7/2015

Just bought my copy today, I'm loving it!!

• 6/11/2015

At ease, Marine!! He is getting to it, let him have some R&R after that disastrous Tranquility Campaign. Besides, I am sure he is stuck changing a diaper or two for Nhlappo and her youngins. Romulus and Remus need some TLC to thrive and become the stellar Marines I know are in there somewhere!!


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